Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why You Started....

I saw this image on Pinterest yesterday & it sat heavy on my heart.....
Why in the world did I start this journey 5 years & 2 months ago? Yes, I remember exactly when I started because I walked into a Weight Watchers meeting on a Thursday morning with my 2 week old baby.

Lately, I have struggled with motivation when I had an abundance of motivation during my 55 pound loss & the maintenance of it for over a year and a half.

Now I begin to ask myself such self-sabotaging questions, such as "why bother?" "The scale is going to go up anyway." "I will never be able to keep it off forever."

But I know why I need to bother; I know I can keep the scale down & I know I can keep it off forever with some work.

So, time for some remembering as to why I started:

- I felt miserable
- I looked awful
- I had ZERO self-confidence
- I didn't have any self-worth
- I was so down on myself that I was not a good wife
- I needed to be healthy for my baby girls
- I wanted to hide myself
- I was always on the sidelines, not actively involved in life
- I wouldn't take a picture with my girls
- I was unhealthy
- I used food to make me feel better
- I felt disgusting
- I wanted to hide from my husband

Did I mention that I felt awful & wanted to crawl into a hole I did. Here I was a married mama to a beautiful 3 year old girl & a newborn girl. I was not a role model to them, I was a bad wife. I didn't want to actively live my life....I wanted to sit on the sidelines of life & miss out because all I wanted to do was hide.

How can I forget about this time? Some of these old feelings have worked their way back up in my mind, in my heart, with gaining back weight.

So to move this to the positive side, I need to list my advantages to losing the weight!

- I will feel amazing
- My self-confidence will increase
- I will feel sexy for my hubby
- I won't want to hide behind my hooded sweatshirts
- I won't stay on the sidelines of life
- I will take fun pics with my girls & hubby to treasure someday
- I will be a positive role model
- I will be healthy
- I will be proud of myself
- My family will be proud of me
- I will feel confident wearing anything I want

Sometimes you need those lists to move back to your focus. 
To remember why you started. 
To remember why you will  not give up.

Today for WIW....I'm up 0.4 from last week but very close to being back out of the 160's...again! I'm getting out for sure by next week & never going back!
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Until Next Time~