Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Glow Run & WIW!

Wow - it is already Wednesday this week! That's awesome BUT it has been such a crazy week! For WIW I am so excited to say I am down 2.4 this week - Woot! Woot! Yes, I am totally tooting my own darn horn today. Why? Because this is the second week in a row where I've lost & I am finally feeling like I back on this darn journey for real!
Weigh In Wedneday

Anyway - this weekend was our first, of hopefully many, family 5k runs! My oldest daughter, Jacee, really wanted to do a run this summer...I'm not sure why exactly, other than maybe because she knows it is something mom enjoys & wanted to do it too! We did the "It's Glow Time" 5k - so flippin' fun!! My girls did AMAZING!! We finished in about 36-37 minutes & really the only time we stopped running was to hit up the water station! Here's my fun pics from it!
Did I mention yet that my girls ROCKED IT OUT?! Then, after, they went & tore up the dance scene! Will hopefully do this again!

As for that losing weight thing, I'm really concentrating on my water & cutting out that stupid Diet Coke. I totally know that it is rotting away my insides, however, that never seems to be enough to get me to stop drinking it! I've got some Spark on order - CANNOT wait to try that out!

I'm also giving that whole clean eating thing a little more of a try. I say this right before I head off to Labor Day camping with my entire family....which typically equals junk food, food, beer, food, beer....get the picture? I have been eating somewhat clean-er than normal since Monday & I can tell you that I have been feeling so much better / less logged down / more energy since then. Sure, it could all be in my head as I try to convince myself this is something I need to do, but either way, something is working for me! 

And...I'm finally this week trying to pick out cute stuff from my closet, well at least I think it's cute stuff, as opposed to lately when I've just tried to hide under my clothes. See....?!

One last fun bunch of pics, my hubby & I are celebrating 9 years of married bliss today. I really cannot believe it has already been 9 years - but it has been an amazing 9 years with a whole lot of love, laughter, & here is to many more years! 
Until Next Time~

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Run Fell Short

So I am training for a half-marathon in October. My training schedule had me doing a 5 mile run this weekend that I didn't get in with being away from home. So, I had to do it last night. 

We got up to our seasonal campsite & I started thinking of a 100 excuses as to why I shouldn't go for a run. Even though, there was the smart girl voice in my head saying "You need to run. Don't forget your goals." Thankfully, I told my hubby I was thinking of so many excuses to not go & he told me to quit it & go! 

So, I did. I promised myself again that I was not going to stress about my pace. All I was going to do was put one foot in front of the other. was ROUGH! Last week I didn't really run at all because I had tweaked my back & was in pain. I tried to keep going. Putting one foot in front of the other.....I kept pushing myself mentally:

- you aren't really tired yet
- you still have more in you
- just keep going, it will get better
- you can

And then I just stopped. A 5 mile run wasn't in my cards last night for many reasons to learn from - not excuses. 

- I didn't get a proper snack before hand to fuel myself
- I forgot my running belt for my water at home
- My muscles were aching
- I hadn't run in over a week
- I didn't drink enough water in the afternoon

But, this time falling short was different for me. I didn't beat myself up & call myself a failure. I was proud I tried, I was proud that I went for a run, I was proud I pushed hard until I was out of gas, I was proud that I learned something. After all, I went 3.5 miles so I still had a good calorie burn & got a good run done. 

So, now the plan will be to run & cross train during the week & catch back up with my training schedule with a 6 mile run this weekend! And IF I were to fall short again, I am going to remind myself of this:
Until Next Time ~

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Slap in the Face & A Change

This weekend I came to a screeching hault...a huge wake-up call....actually more like a slap in the face...HARD

I'm miserable! I'm so mad at myself. I feel horrible when I look in the mirror. I feel horrible just sitting there.

I'm so incredibly down on myself & can't figure out how I got here again. Even though, I want to move forward, I am afraid to fail again.

This is so NOT ME!! I am always the positive person. The person that says, "So what if you failed. At least you tried." "Today wasn't your day, but tomorrow will be. Let it go." And on...and on...and on. I always have a positive thing to say to anyone!

So, why can't I say any of that to myself? Why am I always so hard on myself? Why can't I forgive myself when I mess up or don't meet a goal or have an off day? Right now I call myself a "failure" every fricken day.

So, yes, I'm imperfect. That's where my new blog name is coming in to play. I do not expect anyone else in my life to be perfect, except myself. Why? It's time I move away from that & learn to love my flaws, my failures, my attempts, and myself. This will be a deep & difficult journey for me....I have always looked at just my flaws & imperfections.I have always felt like I didn't measure up. Moving I find the new me & learn to love her.

Sami's Shenanigans
Weekend recap - we had a blast! It was our annual boat & camping weekend with my in-laws, brother-in-law, and my hubby's cousin & his wife. So... yes, I consumed too much beer! Probably too much food to, but not even close to as much as normal! 

My girls had a blast....and they are way too cute!'s August & I saw leaves changing color on the river! WTH?!
 My favorite part of camping...
 This picture makes me cringe....yes, I'm the big one on the left....incredibly uncomfortable, can you tell?!

So, Imma gonna learn how to like myself again so I can get moving on to a better me! Here we go y'all...I can do this!

Until Next Time~