Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Well, long time with no blog post....this time we will make this a habit! 

I haven't blogged in forever because, quite honestly, I just feel STUCK. Stuck in everything; every aspect of life. The problem is that I cannot seem to find the motivation, the energy, the focus to change anything and get UNstuck! 

First thing first....I can't change the weather. This was my car on the way to work yesterday:
Really? Never in my lifetime, and by that I mean only 33 years, do I remember a winter this bad! Yes, I am fully aware I live in Michigan, but I still don't have to love the winter! This weather makes me so depressed; we are on our 8th snow day of the year & 3rd in a row for the week! The being stuck at home because the roads are too bad, the never knowing if school or events are going to be canceled, the it is way too cold to even send the girls outside to play, the I'm sick of running on my treadmill.... simply put, no routine or schedule equals I'm a lazy mess. 

Then, I cannot seem to be excited about working out. There was a point in time during this weight loss journey where I LOVED it....but now it seems that I put it at the bottom of my "to do" list. And well, since I only cross a few of those many items on my list, I never get to the workout one! Not to mention I'm bored: I hate running on the dreadmill, I tried T25 & I could not get into it at all - I don't like it!

I have been told & have inspired other women I know to get healthy....I feel like a fake right now & am stepping away from some of those places I "inspired" until I can inspire myself again.

So....I'm moving on. Stupid lame excuses, anyway! Over it. Time to get UNstuck...because the place I am in right now, I do NOT like one little bit.

Thankfully I have a pretty amazing hubby who has allowed me to try out a Mommy Fit Club near us for a month & see how I like it. It is a bit of a drive & the classes are in the evening, which means the hubs has to help out with the girls for me! Then, I believe I have decided to run the half-marathon by me in April - girls only race, how perfect is that?! The Mommy Fit Club also has a running club that starts March 1 that I've signed up for too on Saturday mornings! And, other than that, I'm going back to my trusted Chalene Johnson & TurboFire & ChaLean Extreme...Mr. Shaun T does not do it for me! clean up the food & go back to that Weight Watchers honeymoon phase! Pulling out my lovely tracker as I type! The good news is this:
So....I'm throwing away my excuses. I am going to get myself UNSTUCK now. I cannot control the weather, the crazy schedule right now because of the weather, BUT I can control how I act towards it. I can change my mood & change my list of priorities! 

The good news for WIW is that I was down 1.1 from last Wednesday! 

Pretty Strong Medicine

Until Next Time~