Friday, March 28, 2014

Busting out of Plateau?!

Woot! I made progress this week! 
I have finally seen a # on the scale LESS than I have seen in….ummmm…..forever it feels like! 

Keeping my fingers crossed that I have, in fact, busted out of my plateau. 
Gotta work towards that swimsuit

Super pumped here because tomorrow morning I signed up for the MFX class at the studio which has been described to me as hard-core. I’ll be following that one up with the TRX Suspension Training class – think hard-core as in giving me a hard & fabulous core! 
Busting out of that comfort zone still! 
I am such a dork in the fact that I get nervous, like first day of school nervous, everytime I got to a new class. 
Seriously? Such a dork! 

My plan is to kick some serious booty at the studio throughout the month of April! Once May hits I will be coaching Little League games four nights a week so I will not be able to get down to the studio much at all! So I need to push hard this month to give me the momentum and some ideas to go hard at home during May!

Gotta work on that swimsuit body!!
Plus my brother-in-law ties the knot in October & I want to feel amazing & confident in pictures…unlike the last handful of weddings I have attended! 

I have the mind frame right now of NO MORE EXCUSES! Who am I kidding… stupid lame excuses get me nowhere that I want to go!
Amen right here:

Until Next Time~

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Thank You!

First, for WIW, I'm still broken up with the scale - proud to say Day #2 of me NOT jumping on it this morning! I guess you could call this a big scale victory!! But, I can tell you the belt I have on today is on a hole smaller than I've ever worn it! Tomorrow we will see what the scale has to say at my WW meeting! 
Pretty Strong Medicine
So last night my girls & I were on our own as hubs was stuck at school for an event. It was also "No Tech Tuesday" for March is Reading what better way to spend our evening than getting in some miles?! We spent the evening on our Middle School indoor track & logged at least six miles for our buddy, Kingsley! 

My run last night was suppose to be a 30 minutes easy run & no focus on miles. I do know I got in at least three miles. 

My older daughter, Jacee, who is currently doing the Girls on the Run program rocked it out with at least 2.5 miles with hardly any walking at all! I was SO SUPER proud of her! But the BEST part was the pride she had in herself for how well she did! 

Then, there was my younger daughter, Laynee, who is like "Little Miss Speedy" who could run circles around me All. Day. Long. finished with probably between 1-2 miles!

As we were walking out of the school to head for home, Jacee said, "Thanks mom for bringing us running. That was awesome."
Yes, mamas, be the BEST role model you can be! 

Until Next Time~

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Change of Plans

First of all, can you believe I did NOT get on the scale this morning? Can we say HUGE victory for me! I am really trying to not focus on a stupid # anymore on a DAILY basis! Plays way too many mind games with me! I’ll still weigh in on Thursdays at my Weight Watchers meetings, but not every fricken day! Taking the control AWAY from the scale & putting it back into my own hands!

Did you know that it is a gorgeous 15 degrees in Michigan this morning w/ snow-covered roads & more flurries falling from the sky?! Yup….therefore I declared it a Starbucks morning! 
 (Yes, I have a slight obsession with colored markers & pens at work - brightens my day!)
Anyways, Change of Plans…so I was currently following a training plan for a 25k for May. I wasn’t totally sold on what distance I really wanted to do yet for the run but when I signed up for my Run Club I was so bored, experiencing severe winter blues, and really just needed to be challenged and pushed which was something I wasn’t doing very well to myself! I signed up for that at the same time I started my membership at the studio. Well, since then, I have fallen in love with those classes! When I get done with those classes I can feel my body getting stronger & I’m becoming obsessed with that feeling. Not to mention how much better of a runner I’m becoming in this short time! 

BUT the problem is that the 25k training is becoming SUPER intense & too time consuming where all I feel like I have time for is running. So, I’m scaling back to the 10k race & that training plan. The 10k will still be pushing me & will also allow me to include studio classes during the week & additional workouts of this type at home. I will be shooting for longer races this summer & fall, however! Plus, I’m quite certain this will make me a faster runner which I long to be!
I’m excited! I have actually never ran a 10k before! I jumped from a 5k to a half-marathon! 

If you're jumping over here from SkinnyMeg's link-up, you can see the results from my recent Advocare 10 day cleanse here

Until Next Time~

Monday, March 24, 2014


Monday is here & I'm ready to do this:
This weekend was NOT a great one for working out! Saturday was jam-packed & then we had some family up for the day/night! Had an absolute blast! Sunday was "tackle ALL the housework & laundry because my house was becoming too cluttered & disorganized & then I feel overwhelmed & just want to order pizza" day!

Super fun....drank too much beer....but I should get extra points because I did stick to my Ultra & chugged water throughout the night! Food....not perfect....but it could have been MUCH worse so I count it a win! Love my hubby's family.....always a super fun time! 

Moving on to this week! I continue to look at my pic in my bikini for the motivation to kick some *a* right now! Here is my plan for the week:
Monday - tonight is my Runners Studio class
Tuesday - long/easy Run 
Wednesday - TurboFire workout in the a.m.
Thursday - Hoping it will work out to get to the studio for the Brazilian Booty Blast & Hot Mama Tabata classes!
Friday - rest!
Saturday/Sunday will be my longer run day!
Of course, I'll also be working in my upper body workouts from my trainer! 

My Advocare 10 day cleanse is over! Since I am really working on my relationship with the # on the scale, I wasn't placing an importance on that #....but I do know I'm down a good couple of pounds! Inches....still need to actually take the measurements, but I think you can see here that I'm down inches! 
Until Next Time~

Friday, March 21, 2014

Just NINETY days!

Ah, shucks! 90 days until summer as of today! We got work to do people!
 Lots of work!

This week has been one of these:

I mean, seriously, I have no idea how my girls made it through the week in one piece! So ready for the weekend to be here even if it’s a jam-packed couple of days! 

I think this weekend I should probably sit down & break back out my fab Erin Condren planner & get back to planning our days out better! 
Meals…I should also figure out how in the heck to meal plan!
Why is that so hard? 

Organization is SO not my thing!

As soon as I bust out of work today I am heading out on a long run. Hoping to get in at least SIX on this fabulous Friday! We are experiencing high 30s today & the temps are supposed to drop back down to the 20s for the weekend so I shall bust out my run today! 
Plus I’m anxious to get out there & run!
For the next ninety days I'm also gonna get my booty back to track all the things that go in my mouth...except beer & wine; I don't track that! 
Time to get serious...summer is coming!  

The best part about a long run is my alone I'm hoping it will help out the struggle in my brain....

Ever have these types of days:
Yup…this is!
I cannot maintain a single thought all the way through today so on that note, I’m out.

Until Next Time~