Friday, April 11, 2014


What a week…So thankful Friday has arrived. Since I’ve taken no time to blog this week, today will be a random post!

Spring Break week here so lots of little random happenings! 

Saturday we took a drive back to hubby’s hometown & the town where "we" began! We haven’t been back since his parents moved our way a year ago! We hit up the best pizza ever, Pizza Sams….ordered up: double crust, baked on a screen with spices on the side (I wish baked in but didn’t think my girlies would enjoy that)! 

Then, we drove a little further to visit hubby’s Grandma. We haven’t seen her in a while & haven’t been to her new assisted living home so we thought we would take advantage of an open day & take a ride to visit! Grandparents are such gems!

Sunday I hit up my run club! It was a gorgeous 52 degrees in Michigan…perfect afternoon for a run! I was super pumped as my pace is getting so much better….simply because my body is stronger! A couple months ago, I had doubted that I’d ever get below 12 minute pace again! I’m on my way out of that range! 

Laynee had some testing & appointments at University of Michigan C.S. Mott’s Children’s Hospital on Tuesday so the four of us headed to Ann Arbor Monday afternoon & squeezed in a little family time! The girls had a blast swimming & hanging out in the pool area! 

Tuesday….such a LONG day. No real word back yet, doc is supposed to be calling me today with the test results & the plan on moving forward with my little girl! Praying for progress!

The rest of the week has been a random lazy week. I can say I’ve done no REAL workouts & we have ate out WAY too much. But, it is Spring Break & next week begins Little League practices on top of many other activities so I guess I am enjoying this week! I am not feeling guilty about it…besides feeling guilty gets me nowhere other than reaching for another piece of pizza!

But – I do need to get back to focusing on my 90 days until summer challenge….in fact I think I’ll say that next week I’ll take an updated pic in the bikini to keep me focused!  

For this week, I am going to get working on my food planning today but my workouts will be SWEET:
Saturday/Sunday – 5 mile run
Monday – I have my race training studio class & then I’m staying for Box & Abs – so excited to try this class out finally!!
Tuesday – Easy Run
Wednesday – this day begins my 3 week “Spring Fling Clique Bootcamp” that I’m nervous & thrilled about the major booty kicking I’ll be getting! Maybe I’ll stay for KettleBell MILFF too!

That is all I have planned out for now! Now to get the food planned out…then I’ll really be kicking some *a*
Until Next Time~

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March is Over!

A new month is here & that darn countdown to summer is still going down!

I will admit I am very happy with the changes in my body during the month of March. The scale is still being a stubborn *b* but I really do not care what she has to tell me anymore – totally not listening! I still need to take my month-end measurements but I am experiencing some serious bloating & wasn’t about to do that yesterday or today….we shall hope for tomorrow!
By the way...this Victoria's Secret Sports Bra is the BOMB!
You know how once you make a serious kick-butt plan of attack it seems like you ALWAYS end up feeling sick?! Yes….so ready to attack this week & yesterday felt like heck with a super sore throat & sinus headache that I had tried all weekend to fight off. Doped myself up on vitamins and cold medicine yesterday and for me, a SUPER early bedtime, I’m back to feeling more normal-ish! 

But I ended up skipping out on my Runner studio class that I am in love with & can tell is making a huge difference in my running. Super bummed out but my body was certainly screaming “NO!!” 

On Saturday I tried two classes I have not taken yet at the studio – MFX which is a cross-fit class….hello box jumps! The next class was the Brazilian Booty class…..holy wow! I found muscles I definitely didn’t know I had! This is me after classes trying to smile through my "OUCH."

Felt awesome…until the next morning as I stood at the top of my stairs to take the doggie down & just giggled knowing the stairs & I would not be friends for the day! But in all seriousness - I love that feeling!

Sunday was my longer run for the week. Just four miles. It was a perfect day for a run in Michigan at 45 degrees & that bright yellow thing shining so brightly in the sky! My pace was better - I had 2 miles under 11:00 minutes. My Garmin doesn't really reflect a quicker pace because this included several minutes in which I had to stop & do a serious wardrobe change as I was WAY too overdressed! If I had realized it would have taken me that long I would have pressed pause on my timer!

This week my schedule is:
Tonight – run!
Wednesday – studio classes
Thursday – run or studio classes
Friday – probably a rest day….I really struggle wanting to do anything on Fridays!
Saturday/Sunday – Hubs & I still need to plan out the weekend yet!

Until Next Time~