Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Long Week & a New WIW

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This week I have made zero fact, you could say negative progress because I have definitely gone backwards. WIW was not pretty, my only hope is I can make some progress today before I jump on the scale at my WW meeting tomorrow!

This week, I spent all of Monday thru Tuesday morning in the hospital with my baby. Yes, by "my baby" I mean my five year old! When Laynee was seven months old she had stomach surgery due to horrible reflux that was doing damage & she started to associate pain with her food so getting her to eat was becoming more difficult. Those seven months before surgery were very tiring & stressful as the poor girl never slept at night because that was when the heartburn was the worse. She & I would sleep in the chair sitting up just so she could stay upright. Everywhere we went, the diaper bag suitcase we carried had about 5 extra outfits for her & typically at least 2 for me! She had two other cousins the same age as her & it would break my heart at family outings that they other two were always picked up & snuggled before her.

That precious little girl was a whole new girl when we came home from our week stay in the hospital. She was happy, she was eating, she was playing, she was being held, she was no longer chocking every time she ate, she was no longer fussy & uncomfortable! I am still in amazement looking back!

When we had surgery, we knew there was only a 5% chance she would ever be able to throw up again. My dad had the same procedure done in his 20s & falls into the 95% that cannot. Well, little Miss Laynee can throw up, which is great! The issue is that her stomach takes forever to learn how to function properly she like triples the number of time she gets sick compared to everyone else.

For the second time on Monday, we ended up in ER with a seriously dehyrated little miss. This time they made us stay thru the night as well. It is so sad watching her - so sick & weak to talk let alone move. I tried so hard to be proactive this time, but when you can't get her stomach to hold anything, you are basically at a loss cause. I spoke to two different doctors on this visit & both agree that with her stomach & her body build, this might be the common occurrence for her. I am praying the flu stays away from her for quite some time!

Today, I am restarting with my current weight & using that as my start weight. I will not feel this way about myself when I welcome in 2014! So next week for WIW I'll be letting y'all know how much I lost!
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