Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Goals & WIW!

Weigh In Wednesday

First, I’ll start with my WIW. This morning I was down again….to a number I haven’t seen in at least a year! I was so happy & leapt off the scale!!! But regardless what a ## tells me, I feel amazing right now!
So I will totally admit that I am probably the world’s biggest dork about goals & how everyone should have goals they are working towards. I mean, if you don’t have a goal, where are you trying to go? I am so passionate about them that last year when I was still coaching High School Softball I had a practice on how to set goals & how they need to be measureable with deadlines & a plan of action. I’ve found if I, personally, don’t have a goal I just coast day-to-day with no real purpose. I mean, let’s face it, I’m a boring person at that point in time. 
I always try to have a fitness goal….some have a very specific deadline while others are just that I want to be able to do it again someday & however long it takes to get there is just what it is. For the month of May I had a challenge of running 50 miles. At first, I thought this was going to be such an easy, simple task. I had almost 16 miles done by the 10th….and then that was my 10k race & my foot had been struggling with some pain for the two weeks leading up to the race, so I gave myself “a few days off” which of course turned into a week. Then, little league games really took off & I found myself struggling to achieve this. But, I kicked things up this weekend & with just three running days to go, I only have 10.3 miles left to hit this goal. 
If I wasn’t working towards this goal, there are a few runs over the weekend I might have skipped out on. 
Don’t get me wrong, I have failed over and over and over…oh wait......
 and over again

I have set goals & didn’t even get to the half-way point of achieving them. 

If I was to be honest, more times than not, I have probably failed. 
But, the secret is that I keep trying.
I didn’t & won’t give up! 
Right now, I am proud to say I’ve been beating my goals! I’m winning! 
One goal I’ve had set since starting up running again was to run a mile under 10:00 again. Yes, I totally realize to many this is the speed of a turtle. But, it isn’t for me & I am so over comparing myself & my pace to anyone else. I did this last night! Went out for a 3 mile run & my first mile was 9:52….I totally said “YES” out loud & did a leap in the air….three seconds later, the cutest baby bunny scared me & I jumped again. I was thankful it was in a section of the road where there were no houses & no people to watch me jumping all around! My overall pace for the 3 miles ended up at 10:18 which is such a HUGE improvement for me! 
My second goal that I have finally acheieved:  a FULL PUSH-UP! Not on my knees! This has been one I’ve wanted to accomplish for the longest time…since my shoulder surgery & at times, I thought it was probably impossible. But, last night I even squeaked out 2 sets of 10….on the second set the last few were super tough & I’m quite certain I grunted. But, I finished.
The BEST part to me about hitting your goal is the thought of “Success breeds success.” Like, for real, I don’t want to stop doing push-ups. I would like to drop down to the ground right now in my office & whip out a set. I want to put on my running shoes & go try to bust out another fast mile or a run with an improved past. Winning is fun! 
This is SO TRUE!

You know I have read, talked to, followed others who always say they are addicted to working out. That it is the best part of their day. I always rolled my eyes, thinking “Really?” I had the mindframe that my workouts were always going to have to be something squeezed in my day that I would resent because I would really want to be playing on Pinterest or watching T.V. or whatever else I could find to pass the time.
But, right now, I get it. I feel this way. If I’m running in the evening, I cannot wait to go out there & do it & think about my run all day long. In the morning, I pop up ready to tackle  my workout & give myself such an awesome start to rock out the day. 
Again, I have failed so many times on this journey. I know I will fail again. There have been so many times I have wanted to throw in the towel & say “Screw it; I’m clearly meant to be fat & unhealthy.” 

But, in the end, I knew I wanted “it.” I wanted the kind of healthy lifestyle where I get up in the morning feeling incredible with a list of goals to accomplish & when I lay my head on the pillow at night I can smile with satisfaction & pride & that sense of accomplishment.
Currently, I am almost struggling with the feeling of bragging or of sharing too many victories in some of the groups I'm in. That feeling that everyone wants to tell you just to shut up or that she has it all put together & doesn't need the group! But, I need the group as much as everyone else does. My hopes in sharing my winnings & failings daily with groups I am in, is that I can inspire someone else to keep going.  I can be an example. If you fail, get back up. If plan A didn’t work, try B….and if you have to, work up to letter Z. I might be up to doubled up letters at this point in time. 

 I want to share the MAGIC!
That Magic….it’s addicting.
Until Next Time~

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sorry I'm Not Sorry Friday Link-up!

Today I'm linking up with Crystal Michelle's Mess
for the "Sorry I'm not Sorry" link-up fun! 
Sorry I’m not sorry that I completely bribed my Kindergartner with a dollar if she took hot lunch today because it’s Friday, I need groceries, and I totally have "end of the school year hurry up” attitude! She didn't accept my bribe.

 Sorry I’m not sorry that I have completely forgotten to have my third grader do math facts for the past two weeks. many more days of school left?

Sorry I’m not sorry that I hope it does rain tonight & this coach has to cancel our tee-ball game tonight. Umm…hello 45 degrees is way too cold for the little kids….and the coach!  Unless, of course it gets a tad warmer than 48 degrees!!!

 Sorry I’m not sorry that I really wanted to pour myself a glass of wine at 7 a.m. yesterday morning fighting with my daughter to get to school on time….praying her bear-ness (totally not a word) is from her sleep apnea we just found out about & not that she really is a bear! 

Sorry I’m not sorry that we celebrated my daughters ninth birthday on Monday & her gifts & the empty boxes are still sitting in the living room….in my defense, we haven’t been home one single night this week!
 Sorry I’m not sorry that I'm doing one extra one because we are adorable! 
 Until Next Time~

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My 10k Race Recap

So my first disclaimer here is that I am a dork! Yup, a dork! 

Here is my first 10k Race Recap!

My alarm was set for 4:45 a.m. and unlike every morning during the week, I jumped up! I was totally fired up! 

I did some quick yoga stretches & headed downstairs to eat some breakfast…..

This would be where my failure to plan ahead hit me! Since I ended up with the flu last week on Wednesday & Thursday, my Thursday which was my “off” day from work was supposed to include a trip to the grocery store. Obviously that didn’t get scratched off my “To do” list & I stood in the middle of the kitchen wondering what in the world I could eat before my race. I settled on a KIND bar thinking that would at least keep me full until race time! 

I had planned ahead on my clothing & other running essentials the night before….at least I had something ready to go!

Took off in my car about 6:00 a.m. and yes, I totally pumped up the jams LOUD in my car & was completely singing & dancing away…..All.By.Myself. 

I was PUMPED, people! So excited!

The Run Club was meeting up to stretch out & get warmed up with our Trainer so, for me who is typically a race day “loner,” this was fun! To be meeting up with people to get fired up & be nervous with! Great pre-race time! 

We were finally out in the chute waiting to start running….as we stood there forever….the other girls in the run club were talking about their time goals. Then, there was me, who says, “Just gonna go slow & steady. I am a slow runner.” Again, I found I was doubting in myself. Judging myself against others. That darn comparison piece.

Then, all of that negative self-talk came out in my mind. “You really should have stuck to your training plan more.” “You didn’t run enough during the week & even skipped some of your longer training runs.” “Next time you commit you need to really do it & stop cheating yourself.” “Oh boy, I really hope I don’t embarrass myself.” “Can I even run this race?” “I should have done the 5k.” 

Finally, I yelled “ENOUGH” to myself. Enough doubt. I was prepared. Yes, of course, I could have run more & should not have skipped out on some of my runs on my training plan. But, even though maybe I hadn’t been running I had been very active. I only missed one of my runners studio classes that I know helped my running out tremendously. My body was much stronger now than it was when I ran my half-marathon in the fall. 

I reminded myself I was only racing myself & no one else. I was not running to impress them. I was running for my buddy, Kingsley. I was running for me. 
I thought to myself that if I came in around 1:10 I would be happy, even if I was a little over 1:10. It seemed like a good goal & I knew it was something I was going to accomplish.

My music was playing. My legs felt great. The energy around me was awesome!
So, I ran. I put one foot in front of the other….over and over again.

It was HOT! The sun was baking us for pretty much the entire run. No, I’m not complaining that the sun was out & it was a gorgeous morning….there have been years in the past where it has snowed on this race day & been super cold. However, I will state that none of my training runs had been this nice….mostly cold, sometimes snowy, and rainy! There were a few times we got shaded by some buildings & I did consider walking for a moment to milk the shade…but I did not! 

The spectators were amazing & all over the course – SO FUN! So many fun signs to read & chuckle at. So many adorable kids wanting to give you high fives along the way! 

I believe it was just after we hit mile #4 that the HILLS began! Really….the last half of the race? The first one was fairly steep & long….I saw many runners ahead of me stop & walk up it. I thought about it, I considered it, and then told myself I was stronger than that. So, I kept running. At that moment, I didn’t realize that the next 1.5 miles was all hills and most uphill….why did we never get to go down a hill? But I kept running. I kept saying my favorite saying, “I can. I will. I’m gonna.”

The best part about miles 4 through the end of the race is that I, yes I, was 
PASSING PEOPLE! Typically, I am getting passed all the time. As I was passing, I was feeling good too…not struggling! 

Finally, the finish line was crossed! I stopped my Garmin & was so proud as I saw 1:08:57. I made my goal….I passed my goal! 

My fabulous trainer was waiting at the finish line to greet us all! She made it so fun to have someone there with a giant smile of pride for you! 

Our Run Club hooked back up & got some fun finish pictures & then grabbed our freebie beer! I only got about 3 sips out of mine before I had to run off for a teeball game! 

This race for me was such a blast! I think the team aspect of the run club really made the day exciting! There were people there cheering for me and with me! It was a different race day feel for me & one I really enjoyed! 

Now as a small little push to myself…..I will admit that the race day atmosphere really makes me want to try for that 25k race next year…..we shall see! 

On a totally different note, today my Miss Jacee is NINE! How in the world has it been 9 years already? This girl is totally a blessing – such a light to your day! I am so proud of the girl she is!!! 

Until Next Time~