Thursday, October 22, 2015

Something That Scared Me

Today I did something that scared me. It was a giant leap out of my comfort zone. It was a bucket list item. Something I once said "Someday..."

But when I said "Someday," what I was saying was really when I am a smaller size, when I am more this and more that. I didn't think my body was "beautiful enough" I only saw flaws.

Fast forward to today when I realize my body is just perfectly imperfect. Not flawed, it's beautiful. It's the body of a mom in her mid 30s. A body that currently isn't at its most toned or strongest shape as it has been in the past few years, but I'm still proud.

This leap from today I almost canceled. All week I've struggled greatly with so much on my plate, some major frustrations, some heartbreak, some depression, some hopelessness. I literally cried on and off all week.

But I scheduled this so long ago, I knew deep down if I canceled I'd only continue to put it off and chances were good I would never check it off my bucket list. 

I walked in this morning still fighting the way I felt all week. Plus nerves. By the time I left today I felt like I was back to being *K* I needed a good self-confidence boost, I needed to do something that was solely for me, I needed to stop for a minute and look at my true beauty. 

When my photographer showed me a few images on the back of her camera from time to time, I was blown away. What I saw was a woman who was beautiful and confident.

That was exactly what I needed to see. 

Until Next Time~

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  1. I'm proud of you for keeping the shoot. You did AMAZING and you deserve it!! <3