Friday, February 27, 2015


We all get twenty-four hours in a day. No matter what your family situation is, your occupation, your interests, we certainly seem to all be busy EVERY. HOUR. OF. THE. DAY.

I have always taken pride in the fact that my workouts do not take away much of the little smidgen of time I get with my girls on a daily basis. Sure, some days I workout with them next to me in the living room & some days we go up to the track & run together. But, those few precious hours I get with them in a day needs to be about them; I need to pour into them; focus on them; love on them.  
I get asked constantly how I find time to train for a marathon, how I find the time for my workouts. How do I have the energy?

Yes, I am a full-time working mom. Right now, my girls have activities that I carry the responsibility alone to transport them to Mondays through Thursdays, I don't have a built-in back-up plan anymore, just me. On top of all the other things a parent has to see gets accomplished during the week: math facts, reading, Awana verses, homework, etc. Being on my own now, I am learning how to balance this all effectively, or I guess the best way I can, while also finding the balance of how to maintain my house up to my personal standards.....cluttered mess stresses me out to be honest!! house often becomes that cluttered mess these days & no, the vacuum doesn't get used as much as I would prefer...but I am learning the balance & the best way to keep me sane while focusing on what is truly important in my life. I will admit that when my kitchen becomes a cluttered hot mess....all I want is pizza. As if ordering pizza is going to make me feel less like a cluttered mess & put my kitchen back in order....I suppose one can dream, right? 

Anyway, to try to say I do not feel overwhelmed on a daily basis would certainly be a lie. In fact this Wednesday, after a week with so many questions & thoughts heavy on my heart, as I stood waiting in the church to pick up my girls I looked up to the ceiling & prayed....suddenly finding myself so lost in my own mind & heart that I had tears streaming down my face as I ran into the bathroom before it was noticed. 

In the mornings the girls & I are a hot crazy chaotic mess as we rush them to school & me to work. I rush through my work day always feeling buried and feeling like my desk will never be clean again....ever! I sprint out of the office to run home & take care of our incredible dog & then run back out to grab the girls to take them to basketball practice, church, gymnastics....whatever is on the agenda for the evening. 

Yes, we do math facts & Awana verses in the car! Multitask like any mom!

To add on to my daily responsibilities is my new role as Site Liaison & Coach for our Girls on the Run team at my daughter's school. This program I am truly so excited about & love I get this extra time not only with my daughter, but twenty other incredible young ladies who will, with no doubt, change my life! I just pray I can enrich their lives & that they grow this season in their own self-confidence.

Oh...and don't forget prep work for Little League season has started & I would also be an officer on that committee & coach!  Again, a wonderful chance to pour into my girls & their friends - such an amazing gift. 

Somehow I still manage to drag my butt out of bed in the mornings & put on my bright fun colored workout clothes. I may not be fact, I could possibly be doing some serious complaining under my breath.  Some days its not until I walk in the door again at 8:00 p.m. or after I tuck my babies in bed before I can pull on those workout clothes...already feeling exhausted & done for the day. Other days, I will take advantage of a lunch time run (on the days I'm not using this time to run to the grocery store because we are out of milk or eggs again). There are even days where my workout is lunges or a plank every time I use the restroom at work. But, I dig deep & manage to find that energy to create the moments that I can get lost in, the moments where I build strength.

Why do you do it?

Because I can. Because I need it. Because it is somehow the most relaxing part of my day. Because my girls wake up in the morning & immediately asked me if I got up to workout & how many miles did I do. Because for the length of the workout on most days I can stop searching for answers or finding more questions, I can get lost in the counting of my reps or music instead. Because I love feeling stronger - physically AND mentally. Because I want to be a healthy role model. Because I love the sense of accomplishment when you achieve a goal. Because I love to push myself.

Because I hate excuses.

Because I feel empowered, confident, & focused to achieve all the millions of little things I have to accomplish in a day & now I have the energy to do it all. 

 We all get twenty-four hours. We don't ever find the time to accomplish what we want. But, we can make the time if we truly want. Every morning I wake up with a "BRING IT" attitude & that is because I have created a strong, healthy & confident me who knows with some good old fashioned hard work, she can do it all as best as she can.

Until Next Time~

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