Friday, November 13, 2015

The Next Step

Our journey to improved days for Laynee continued at Nationwide Children's Hospital this week. Post-surgery Laynee's experience nightly has been horrible. To the point that words can't explain the intensity of it all.

After working constantly and making changes with her team here in Ohio it came to the point they were no longer willing to make changes without a trip back here to observe and work together in a more hands-on and regulated way. 

Yesterday we met with her team which included all of her specialists in what was over 3 hours long. It included this mom looking in the doctor's eyes with tears saying "I cannot put her through this anymore."

She had a procedure done on Wednesday morning to get a look inside. Those images showed what appears to be a narrowing at the point of reconnection of her colon from surgery. 

On Sunday we will be admitted back into the hospital and she will go in for exploratory surgery on Monday with a camera inside her colon to check that and a camera inside her stomach to check some other potential causes of what she is experiencing. From there, they will address whatever is found. 

As a mom I cannot deny that sending her daughter in for exploratory surgery compared to sending her in knowing exactly what's to be done is incredibly terrifying. I tossed and turned all night long and no doubt the next few days will be long. 

But, I also know I have crawled into bed every night praying for an answer, for a solution to what her body was experiencing. Every day I had to pray for strength to put her through it all over again every night and never knowing if it would be the occasional smooth night or the one all three of us would end in tears. So, my prayers are being answered, sometimes it can be a scary route but I'm believing that my girl's days are about to improve. 

On a way more fun note, we were able to snag the free pass from the Ronald McDonald House to the Cosi Science Museum yesterday afternoon for some fun. It was certainly needed! The best part is that Laynee got to do this show and last time we were there she didn't get picked! She was thrilled!!!

For now, after her x-Ray this morning we hit the road for home for some time there this weekend before we hit the road early Sunday drive back for answers! 

Thank you for all of the prayers, messages and the love that has been sent. We feel very grateful for so many amazing people in our lives! 

until next time~

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