Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Lesson From My Daughter

My beautiful girl, Jacee, is such a light. Her heart is so pure & honest, she's intelligent, hard working, positive thinker, a goal-setter....she is just all around amazing! 

The best gift ever was when God made me a mama.

Jacee & I have a very close relationship. A very open & honest relationship. The girl is so incredibly observant that you have no choice but to be honest because chances are she probably already knows the truth! Definitely a child that keeps this mama on her toes all day long! 

I thank God daily for the bond I have with this girl & I pray as she grows, our bond continues to grow too. We can sit on her bed & talk for hours about very important topics or we can chat about absolutely nothing. She is definitely my biggest fan & I am hers. 

For Mother's Day, she brought home this fun activity from school for her & I to do:
Sunday evening we snuggled up on her bed & did this. A simple activity that was filled with reminders of what is important in life. 

Not your job. Not your phone. Not your housework. Not your TV shows.

The people you have been blessed with. 

For the red m&m, her answer was so simple:
"Just hang out & talk & laugh. Just here at home. And when you coach me."

For the orange, I explained to her anywhere - any vacation, any state, any country - anywhere:
"Just anywhere in a room, mom, with just the two of us just being together. Because I love being with you." 

For the green:
"I love you because you are always there for me, because you make me smile, and because you teach me about everything."

 Now for the yellow, she asked me what her birthday gifts were, I didn't answer!
I tucked her into bed & walked away realizing how much our kids actually teach us. How they remind us of what matters in life & they keep us centered. 

TIME. The gift of time is really the best give any of us can give or receive. This is a gift I have been practicing with my girls. I hide my phone in the evenings, ignoring it until they crawl into bed. The TV doesn't come on when I have time to just be with them. We sit & talk & are just there. We giggle, tell jokes & have dance parties.  

Right now, I'm their coach & the opportunity to be their coach two years ago was a difficult one for me to make to walk away from a passion of coaching a varsity sport, but a decision I will never regret. To be there, to be with them is a gift that I treasure daily.

I know someday they may not tell me stories about their day & their friends that can take them 20 minutes to tell. So, for now, they will get my 20 minutes of undivided attention listening. There will be a day I cannot sit on Jacee's bed & talk about everything & nothing for an hour, so for now, I will take advantage.

I will give them the gift of my time, and I will receive the gift of their time with a smile. Sometimes we forget about how important somethings in life are, sometimes we take advantage of what we have, sometimes we don't realize how much someone just wants undivided attention....

Sometimes we can lose sight of what is me, it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day logistics of raising active kids, working & managing a house....

Until an almost ten year old reminds you. 

Until Next Time~


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