Monday, May 25, 2015

A Wave

I did not see it coming.
I should have.
I sat up for hours in the middle of the night with deep thoughts, words buried in my soul that I had to write.
But, today, the wave was overwhelming.
Today I sat in church with tears running down my face.
I hid my eyes behind my hair praying no one would see the emotions.
The girl, this girl, who can usually find words to explain how she feels was left speechless.
I don't know what all was running through me.
But, the words, the words of the songs took ahold of me.
I stood there feeling unworthy.
I felt broken.
I felt lost.
I felt dark.
I felt hungry & thirsty for His words.
Words I haven't filled myself with in quite some time now.
It amazes me how sometimes we find ourselves right where we need to be.
I received the message with an open heart.
I snuggled my precious nephew as he slept so peacefully.
I opened my mind.
It was the message I needed to hear.
He loves me.
He likes me.
He is always for me.

Until Next Time~

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