Friday, March 27, 2015

Are You Busy?

Have you had this conversation with someone recently:

Question - "Hi. How are you?"
Answer - "Busy." (said in a very stressed out, exhausted, annoyed tone of voice)

Umm....great, so am I. "Sorry" that how you respond? Or do you say "me too." But, really when did "busy" become a feeling? When was this an appropriate response to a question that once had an answer of: good, great, wonderful, okay? "Busy" is never said with a smile; more of an "ugh!" What I have also noticed is that we are even to BUSY to respond back with "how are you doing?" 

Please do not get me wrong because I am quite certain I have probably given the busy answer a time or two myself.  I am also totally guilty of getting so caught up in the schedule or worrying about what is next on the agenda, that I am not present in the moment.

Lately, I have really been paying close attention to conversations with others. I guess that communication major from college is finding the way back out of me, or it might also be me looking for real genuine relationships and therefore looking at many interactions at different levels. It may also be me trying to work on a better me; the best me for my girls.

I am not sure when or why being so overly busy became *THE* thing to do. We glorify busy! It almost feels like if we do not have our schedules booked solid, we are not living life right; the pressure to do so is crazy! If our kids are not in three different sports or activities at a time, we are failing them as a parent. Where is the time to snuggle up on the couch & read a book with them or watch that movie for the twentieth time?

Our busy is our own fault, most of the time. I, personally, am a big one at taking on extras. I am always getting myself more involved with different organizations, hobbies, or committees. At times, I do get overwhelmed wondering how I can get it all done. I probably would not be human if I didn't feel that way. This Saturday's agenda for me feels almost this way - booked solid from sun up to sun down.

But, I encourage you this weekend in your busy schedule to stop & take the time to enjoy it all. 
Do not complain; embrace it.
Be thankful that you have children to chase around. 
Be grateful that your children can be active in sports or were committed to say enough verses to have the chance to participate in the Awana games on Saturday. 
Feel blessed that you have the financial ability to have your kids on the sports travel teams & the vehicle to transport them. 
Appreciate your occupation that allows you to do all this crazy busy "stuff." 
Love that you can be there for your kids. 
Be a positive spectator for all those around you. 
Encourage your kids & the other kids to have fun & enjoy their activity without stressing about the pressure of being the best or winning. 
Be an example of giving 100 percent at the things we take on in life. 
Smile when the other busy mom asks how are you are doing; she may need that simple smile!

Enjoy every moment.
Be thankful. 
Be grateful. 
Appreciate it. 
Feel Blessed. 

Someday this will all be over; you will be sitting around on a Saturday wishing you could go back & do this all over again. You will wish your kids were not old enough to drive themselves to practice & wish you could go back to the day you were their taxi. They will be out of the house & you will want to hit rewind. 

So enjoy it now; take it all in & love every minute of it so on that Saturday in your future, you don't sit there wishing you would have embraced every moment of your busy, crazy days instead of feeling stressed & complaining. 

I challenge you this weekend to embrace & love every crazy moment of your busy! I am challenging myself to do the same. 

After all, remember, those moments you might be taking for granted someone else is praying for.

Until Next Time~

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