Friday, March 13, 2015


Yes, my life has changed in the past nine months. On many levels. In several ways.

In the past few months I have had to make some changes in my workout routine & schedule and also changes in my monthly budget. 

One of those things I had to let go of for now was my studio membership. This was hard for me, very difficult. I loved the classes there, the trainers. I always walked out feeling purely exhausted but yet so much stronger. I loved the other women I have met, the friends I have made. Do you know how nice it is to actually go someplace where women are empowering & encouraging each other versus judging, measuring up & being jealous of one another? Some day I will be back there, but for now, this is where I am at. For now, this was an expense I had to cut. 

I could certainly allow losing my membership to be an excuse; a reason to stop making progress. An easy way out of building up my strength. I could also really use my personal life changes to hold me back, way back, if I wanted.  But, I am too strong to allow that to happen.

Anyway, over the past year I have heard comments about my progress. Comments that I've become obsessed....yes, a woman obsessed with being healthy & comfortable in her skin. Comments that my progress is unattainable to others because I was training for a marathon. Comments that others cannot afford a gym or studio membership so my progress was not possible for them because I had "extra help."

So, I am. Here are my changes from January to March, there is definitely a loss of some good inches. Yes, after the holidays I was feeling "puffy" like I am sure everyone was! But, this progress here was made without running much at all; no big long runs at all. For the most part, all I ran was 2-3 miles twice a week, maybe three times a week. I was only able to attend one night at the studio - 1 class that ran from January to the end of February but I only made it on four of the Wednesdays in that eight week time frame. 

Other than my short little runs, I was working out at home, mostly just 20-30 minute workouts made up by myself for the most part. I turn on my tunes, pull out my yoga mat, pull out the kettlebell & the few weights I have & the resistance bands, push my Bosu ball out in the room. Then, I move. I push myself, no one is there telling me to go lower or is just me. Some days I focus on a whole body workout, some days it is my legs, while other is it my core & arms. Anyone can get down on the floor & do some push-ups or different core exercises, anyone can get up & do some squats or lunges.I have a few websites or trainers I follow for ideas & videos, I do also have several Beachbody workout DVDs.

This morning I got up and did a core workout I made up in my mind laying in bed last night. Tuesday at lunch, I went for a quick 1.5 mile run & then used the slight hill/incline in our back parking lot at work to do lunges, squats, high knees up it. I will tell you, just that little incline made a difference as my leg muscles felt it for sure for two days!

All you need to make progress is a commitment to yourself, a desire for a change, a fire inside you to push yourself, and the strength to keep going when you are tired. But, you must throw the excuses out the window - the only person those excuses hurt is yourself; you are only holding you back.

Until Next Time~

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